Draft for a personal portfolio

The following is the reasoning behind a structure for a website.
These are just musings, not tested, from what I remember from past lectures in website design.

 I guess we can select the information we want into two types, the current, recent one, the latest and therefore more relevant to my day to day, and the already procesed and debunked/confirmed and because of that, a more confident intake on data.
If looking at someones web portfolio I might say, I would like to know where is this person now, what are they doing now, and also what they already did and how they present it (or themselves) after the emotion of the moment has passed.
Already social media pages address this in their profile structures, with an ongoing rolling newsfeed and a curated section of galleries or something like that.

For a portfolio, it occurs to me that is not a bad idea to take this structure. You will have a curated portfolio, divided, categorized, already curated by you, with sections like drawings, paintings, or themes like portraits, or sequences like series I, II and II and so on. And you wil also have a day to day feed, probably connected to your social media feed, where is were you invest most of your time in promoting yourself to other people that is already there, like in a big, noisy market.
Then you need also to make easy for someone to comission you, and you can make life easier for that someone by placing a button in frontpage, like a bell in the door of your house.

As a result, the mentioned frontpage could have thre buttons: the onethat get people to contact you for comission an artwork, the one that gets to your preferred day to day feed, and the one that goes to your selected and ordered gallery of works. Additionally and more importantly, you do not want to restrict your visitors to only these three options, so you will have a menu button, where all the sections and parts of your site will be arranged for a more nuanced visitor to choose.

PS: Having said that, below is a pic of my site in its current form, I still haven't change it acording to the previous reasoning, although probably I would it soon. However in this case, I just was a little bit lazy it could be said, and prefer to just link it to the social accounts I have in different aps. while reserving the direct links to a work that is made exclusively for the web. I might as well ad a link to download a pdf cv/catalogue.  Check it out: www.german-fernandez.com. And here a pic to some previous attempts.