Ready-mades and UX buttons

Data and symbol

Titian and the Photo World Press

Dinner, a painting

Money, binary codes and imagination

Screenshots dictionary

Notes for a glossary

Newsification of the personal. The personalisation of the news

Notes on Velasquez, Rubens y Vermeer

The digital revolution and graphic design

Alif , letters and scripts

Artists timeline

Life drawing session

The "Closer to van Eyck project"

Closer to Van Eyck project (website)

Judith & Holofernes, Caravaggio. Color analysis

Music players, Caravaggio. Color analysis

Call of saint Matthew, Caravaggio, color analysis

Seven Works of Mercy, Caravaggio, color analysis

Seven Works of Mercy in Caravaggio's painting

Zoomorphic anthropomorphic 4

Zoomorphic anthropomorphic 3

Zoomorphic anthropomorphic 2

Zoomorphic anthropomorphic 1

Murillo, santas Justina y Rufina (wip)

Murillo and Rockwell

The younger brother (progress 2)

The younger brother (progress)

After Bouguereau (the younger brother)

Data structure (from Tidy data)