Jeff Koons and Guaman Poma.

Here we talk about the notion of authorship. But also as the sign in art. 
Also the notion of execution and craftsmanship.
Guaman Poma has in his name a written piece, the eponymous Nueva Coronica y Buen Gobierno.
As we know, Jeff Kons hardly puts a hand in his works. That is OK. There is nothing that art “should” or shouldn’t” be. Art just “is”, in whatever form a society validates it.
As we know, Bernardo de Murua contracted many indigenous painters to illustrate its works, among them, probably, Guaman Poma. The work of Murua is a collage, literally , in the sense many pages were pasted by the author himself as a mode of “edition”, and replaced the illustrations for new ones in a alter manuscript. However, he states that he by his hand made the illustrations, being his work a collaborative one with a staff of a least four hands in the manufacture and writing of the book.
With these two examples we can establish that there is a division of what we can call the vision, or “idea”, and the execution and the knowledge required to materialize it. While a craft without a vision is nothing but prosaic, an idea without tangible presence is a tree fallen in the middle of nowhere; does it exist?. Who is the mind behind this? And if the person who conceived it is not the same that draw and wrote it, then, who is the author? And who the artist? Or should we said artisan?. Who are the persons working for Koons? Or for Hirst?. Is that important?.

Who is an author. The artist as manager an entrepreneur.