Sheikh Zayed Exhibition, july 2018

These pictures were taken at the Etihad museum in 2018, they were the result of  an exhibition of a book made about the founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. My part in this project was to make the illustrations. Here the illustrations were amplified in big panels.Initially these illustrations were used in the book, its publishing is the reason for the exhibition at the Etihad Museum.

The Etihad Museum is modern building, shaped by a sinuous roof made to resemble a folded paper, build next to the round house that in the seventies was used to sign the agreements for the unification of the emirates. Thus the importance of the site is paramount when coming to the symbolism of the new nation.

The exhibitions was held in the first floor of the museum, distributed across a a series of panels with the ilustrations printed at great scale.

The most difficult part I would say was to maintain the resemblance to the historical figure while recreating scenes of his life, that implied to recreated figures in diverse movements, positions and lightning environments. I worked digitally with a digitla drawing tablet, INTUOS, following the usual process of drawing a lineal image, scanning it and reworking it or using it as a drawing support in Adobe Photoshop.

I didn't use many layers as the technique I used was more akin to working directly with acrylic or tempera, using the brush in "normal" mode and with a 100% of opacity The only advantage I had was the option to undo, the famous crtl z,I would say, and sometimes, cut and paste and resize some parts of the work. I would be adding more pics of the exhibition as I get more of them from my messy digital archive.

On another note, it was really interesting to see how the work scale up, usually that can bring unpleasant surprises, but happily, in my opinion, that was not the case here.