Business/Design parallels

When ideas come to mind it is useful to draw them. This is a common truth acknowledged by designers around the world either consciously or not. Not for nothing there is this
old adage "clear to the eyes, clear to the mind".
But why?.
I would guess there is the point of visualizing a structural metaphor to what we have been thinking.  Here a graphic I made for a presentation at the office, based on ideas that I was told.
The ability to make a diagram, to  spread out the idea  for you, and most probably, to share with others, regardless of its lack of numerical information shouldn't been underestimated.
 Afterall, the history of pre industrial data visualization is full of these type of diagrams, that reach to the explanantion of theological misteries to the geography of the world.
Here the idea was how to expose the infographic knowledge of the speaker as something useful beyond the editorial field.
Slowly rummaging hrough argumentations we arrive to the idea of  knowledge migration, and from there, to the idea of comparing hoe does that knowledge  could be compared in different contexts. In this case, we arrive to a more or less defined idea of what, for us, was a convalidation of steps between the business process and the design process. Later we found some holes and flaws in the reasoning, but nevertheless it was inspiring.
For the little I know, the "design thinking" and the "agile" methodologies are an example of this type of knowledge migration, where the dynamics of one field are extracted, processd adn adapted for other context out of their original one.
These have the downside of creating  confusion in the terminologies if their origin is not clear.
After all, what is the meaning of design?