Building the Lunar Module, Stephen Biesty

, Chiqui Esteban: Nubes de Metal, Publico

City (5)

Juan Colombato, La Voz del Interior, Argentina

Olympic Illustrations

Soyuz vs Shuttle, Publico, Chiqui Esteban

Millenium Falcon (inside)

Wild Thing

Notes for an Historical Atlas, WIP


Ocean (2012, ballpoint pen on paper)

Negotiating across cultures

Editorial illustrations, a selection


French Military Uniform 1810

Globo. Enciclopedia Clarin

Perfume. Enciclopedia Clarin

Roman Street

Military Uniforms, Boshin War

Russian Infantry, 1812, military uniforms

Clarin, camiseta de la seleccion de fútbol argentina

Antropologia. Enciclopedia Clarin

Amber Fort, Lonely Planet

US Military Uniforms

Stephen Biesty, Amun Ra Palace

Millenium Falcon

US Civil War Uniforms

Ottoman Uniforms, Crimean War

French Military Uniforms

City (4)

City (3)

Geometria. Enciclopedia Clarin

Sherman Tank

Book Cover Design: Ciudad de los Reyes


My profile in Creatopia

New blog layout: playing around

Preliminary sketch for book cover-Public Art in the Emirates

Live from the Emirates: Book Cover

Museo del Prado, Enciclopedia Clarin


Why and how of info graphics