What is in an image? There is a report, a story, an explanation, maybe  an approach, an intent, an explanation what if you are fortunate, there is a question. We try to do this every time and the resulsts, more or less fortunate, can be seen here. The image is simultaneous, the text is successive.

 Here,  you will find snapshots and images of my illustrations, produced either in digital media or other analogic techniques along the years. Also,  I place some links below. That list is by no means comprehensive.

Sometimes, specialy in the context  of the publishing industry, we a, the image creators are the successors of the qiet monks scluded in the scriptoriums of lost convents, depciting with our ink, digital maybe in these days, the contents of the writers, cronists and philosophers of our days.
Medieval miniature, a scribe in a convent, in early Middle Age style, from a religious manuscript. The medieval monk was a predecesor of our today's illustrators, "illuminating" the content of the text.


The  scanography series:

Dinner, a painting  

Zoomorphic/anthropomorphic illustrations:

A pair of typographic posters: 

An illustration about Sheikh Zayed, founder of UAE:

Works from The Journeyman exhibition:

Illustrations made for Olympic's posters

Other works 

Copies as training:



And last but not least, if you are eager to see more of my work, you can check my portfolios online. My personally curated data, as we can say in this age of information, platforms and social media. Here you can find my work in some of social media networks





Here you will see recolections, notes, seen an read in the net. Sometimes just images I consider important, sometimes links of websites I fear will dissapear, or text of articles I consider really necessary. Or material that somehow I need at hand. Of course, there are more that for many reasons had not made it to the blog. Always considering and mentioning the respective owners of the copyright.

There is here material about print publication as well, snapshots taken of pages found randomly, sometimes focused in data visualization, infographics.

Sometimes focused in the so called fine arts.

Sometimes they are a signal of my interest in interaction design, ux and other things.
History, Or technology.