Arrows and other things

Sometimes, in the newsroom, somebody want a visual display that "looks like an infographic, you know, with arrows and those things". Sometimes I have found layouts arranged ith the appareance of a diagram. Between the mere appearance-which can be just considered a visual trick- and the real thing, there are curious variations. All is about information.

Is the infographic the image of our days?

Just saw a BBC documentary featuring David Hockney, where he explain the western image creator search for the monopoly of the real, truthful image. He states that this endeavor started in the 15th century to the middle of the 19th.  And he points out the similarities between images outside this scope of time: a byzantine icon and a van gogh. Realism is outside the aim.

The image as an explanation of the world

The rise of infographics , related to the rise of technology in the dauily life.