Image and text/ memory

I just saw a picture of a conference where they said that image was related to long term memory and text to short term memory. I relate this to the fact that image conveys more information rapidly. The text is a large chain of meanings being decoded linearly. The image conveys a lot of information in a small time and appealing to our visual comprehension, the one we have most developed (we are not so good at smell and audition as other species).  Therefore, the easier to catch, the easier to remember.

There is a caveat  also. Being the image simultaneous, there is a limit to what we can apprehend from it ( it is our limitation, not one of the image). At certain point of complexity, an image can be digested trough levels  of visual understanding and segmentation.

There is the question of the moving image as well; a linear (most of the times) narration made with images: kinetic? visual? storytelling. Although this reflection can take us as far as to the opera and wagnerian total works, we should just approach this question and adapt our analysis in relation to interactive and digital, for this kind of graphic make use of the so called fourth dimension: time.