Emirates business , illustrations 2008-2010

Here some of the illustrations I scrapped form the archives. This were illustrations made with different deadlines, from days to hours. Usually I received a print copy of the story and went to see the designer in charge of the page to coordinate the size and the position of the image, and then went back to my workstation to start the drawing in the computer, sometimes in Adobe Illustrator and then to Photoshop. I found some of them in the web of the newspapers, hence the low quality of most of the images, and the others from my personal files. Some of the times the stories were relatively simple to understand; other times they required me to learn convoluted concepts of economy and finances, which the writer graciously with the advice of the art directors, who were very supportive- explained to me, if he/she was not in the rush of the deadline, of course. At the end wether my concept was faithful to the story was decided by the night editors-and as anyone else, I had my share of illustrations rejected because of this reason.