Guidelines for a work. A proposal.

German Fernandez Cantos,2020
Poem 1-The head
// JavaScript Document
the goal:
the frame, the screen, as a performative space, as  a storytelling scenario,
random, dadaist i aesthetics, but strucutred by 0 and 1s


the plan:
slowly like in a stage, develop the moments of the piece
a white screen is everything we see at the beginning

moment0: this is important, some movement has to happen if there is not action from the user,
the head, the beings and the circles appear from the center and explode,
after that, there should be a loop or a random animation, it should stop as the first interaction is done,
and should resume after the event triggered by that interaction is finished

moment 1: the flowers and the head appear, they are the buttons
later the background video appears but with low opacity

the buttons trigger the different actions, like:
one starts creating flowers randomly
other starts creating random skulls
other move the parallax effect, dissapearing the man and letting the woman appear
other plays a video

after the first click, the buttons are reassigned events
event listeners are removed and changed by new ones.
the same with the second and third click.

there are listed in the code after the 4 initial actions, 16 variations.

guide for smartphone:
also for the moments, the poem lines should appear one at a time filling the whole
screen in smartphone, so they can be read slowly maybe

plus the woman would be places as a video-like-gif-replacement file, and also a skull video will
be added, these
videos should be square and of white background with a cut out figure in th emiddle
so they can be used both in desktop and mobile.
The woman will appear from a box, the whe will go out and open her mouth and from
her mouth flowers will appear and for the flowers a box will appear
and inside the box a man in oxygen mask will look out
another idea is the headless man riding the skull and flowers appear radially from them
forming a Escher-like figure, maybe.
this is more of a sucession of videos
that narrates  kind of a dream

basic plan: the circle containing the videos moves up and down in the mobile
version and left and right in the desktop one, interchanging places with the other circles

list of videos
clock (sceneTV)
book and hand

opcional: an image will randomly appear, a div containing an image,
while the div containing the video dissappear

/*si invocas las funciones
*antes de declararlas'
*te sale function out of scope
*asi que primero declaras
*las variables, luego las funciones
*y luego las invocas,everything nested en la funcion wrapper
*que en este caso es myFunction()*/

The Journeyman and the defeat of the non -narrative image

Act 1
The circle
The head
The number

Scene 1

Act 2
Scene 1

Scene 1