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Your app is made from micro-moments, questions, stops and resumptions. Your app needs you to press that arrow. Swap, scroll.





Let the TUI (Tangible User interface) roll the dices for you. 

        The respite you get is 

           e p h e m e r a l,

               i n v o l u  n   t   a   r   y, 

                      a  t  t   a     c   h    e     d 

          to the cords of the 

                        visceral city, 

                                moving in and out,

                                         day and night. 

You think:



implicit in your identity, denying yourself the idea of your temporary embodiment and physicality. Because you are gonna die, and that MOMENT will be as REAL as this one, reading these lines. What would you think then?


                                         I hope you have peace. 

                                        Of mind. 

                                        Peace of mind.


And nevertheless, it is the image that moves.

Sometimes, it is easy to disappear.

Walking around. Placing around the focus of attention. Shouting. An arcade game could be as linear as a traditional tale, in a succession of episodes in logical sequence, one after the other. 


                                                            Play, engage, repeat.


Other case could be the one in which each opportunity the game take a different sequence, but even then, the sequence would be formed by sections, that have to remain recognisable at certain level, but not the organisation as a whole, so there are two levels: the organisation and the parts, and to make successful a non linear tale, I think is needed to maintain a level of stability in one of these levels. 

And what about ergodic literature?. ...cergodi, rgodice,  rodigce,  redigco, etc. 

Do you like it?

And, we could ask, how wanted is interactivity? 

Do you want it?

How can we subtract ourselves from the dissolution of our idea in the multiple readings of the readers, so our idea can still be what we thought first? Sorry, I couldn't hear you with all this noise, what did you say?

Metaphorically, the "frame" is also a mental space related to the science of knowledge. Like the "meme", the chunk? A mental space. a mental space for visual poetry. 

And the trick, is afterall, to think. 

The frame, under many names, is in vogue now. Isnt it?. Maybe not. Oh yes, it is. 

Nowadays this kind of image is more present than ever, thank to the gif format that allow looped images to be sent via mobile applications (short looping videos also make the trick).

But also, maybe more importantly, because the devices that we use everyday, here and then, have that kind of sequence, the same animations in GIF files of elements activated now and then in a rather static image, which is the interface itself. The cyclical nature of things. 5trrt7. The repetition that avoids itself. The noun that proclaims a dependence on the adjective. Pffff.

Within a static context, a lengthy evolution. Those eyes. The air moving slowly and coldly across the face, the cold light, a little grey, a little undefined. The sky, so gray. The clouds. 

Open the door, open the window. El piano uena lentamente en la casa del vecino, mas alla de las paredes grises y dibujadas de un color indiscernible en los zocalos por los zapatos de los vecinos que se recuestan sobre ella en las noches de madrugadas frias. Un cigarro, inconcluso, en la cornisa.


A new symphony, coordination of pieces, a sequence, a succession of pieces, a narrative, the whole ensemble,  with no explicit reasoning but a musical, unphysical, ethereal approach to stories, yes, ethereal, vague, non direct, deriving in non linear tales or narratives.

Ethereal AND physical.

Are you moving your eyes? are you blinking? are you here?. 

This non visible at a glance quality is what links for us these three elements.

What is the boundary between-and within-the fragmented narration?, with its natural and realistic disorder. An structured path forms a game, with its own rules and development. 

A plot underlying its structure, a narrative, a tagline, but the game is formed, like any other plot, linear or not, by micro-moments, in the same way a stand up comedian divide its act in small parts, pulsating each joke by the interaction with the public. 

Your interaction with your apps is made as well, of micro sessions held along the day. and that, that is another perception of the image.

The image is a kinetic moment.





The micromoments, maybe and at first, are all.