Alif , letters and scripts

Artists timeline

Life drawing session

The "Closer to van Eyck project"

Closer to Van Eyck project (website)

Judith & Holofernes, Caravaggio. Color analysis

Music players, Caravaggio. Color analysis

Call of saint Matthew, Caravaggio, color analysis

Seven Works of Mercy, Caravaggio, color analysis

Seven Works of Mercy in Caravaggio's painting

Zoomorphic anthropomorphic 4

Zoomorphic anthropomorphic 3

Zoomorphic anthropomorphic 2

Zoomorphic anthropomorphic 1

Murillo, santas Justina y Rufina (wip)

The younger brother (progress 2)

The younger brother (progress)

After Bouguereau (the younger brother)

Data structure (from Tidy data)

Condor, Enciclopedia Clarin

Sheikh Zayed and health policies

World Cup graphics (FiveThirtyEight, The Guardian)